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Anthea Black: Artist & Writer 10X10 Bambitchell.jpg
Bambitchell: Artists 10X10 Cait Lusk.jpg
Cait Lusk: Cinematographer 10X10 Chase Joynt.jpg
Chase Joynt: Filmmaker & Writer 10X10 Erin Silver.jpg
Erin Silver: Art Historian & Curator 10X10 Flavio Trevisan.jpg
Flavio Trevisan: Artist, Designer & Gallery Director 10X10 Jackson Klie.jpg
Jackson Klie: Artist 10X10 Johnson Ngo.jpg
Johnson Ngo: Artist & Curator 10X10 Jordan Tannahill.jpg
Jordan Tannahill: Playright & Filmmaker 10X10 Sonja Sharf.jpg
Sonja Scharf: Founder of Akasha Art Projects & Photographer

Artist Statement

The 10X10 Photography Project is an annual event and publication that celebrates Queer Canadians in the arts. In 2015, I was one of 10 Queer Canadian Photographers selected. Together we created portraits of 100 LGBTQ+ Canadians, exhibited at the Gladstone Hotel as part of Pride Toronto. These photographs were created through a collaborative process: over the course of several months I met with each of my subjects multiple times, in order to discover who they are as artists and individuals. I shared with them my belief that the spaces we inhabit, modify and draw inspiration from are a unique element to who we are. Together we created images that tell part of their story through the environments that form an integral element of their artistic practice.